How To Arrange Plants in the Living Room

How To Arrange Plants in the Living Room

We spend a lot of time in our living rooms. It is a place where the whole family gets back together after a day of work and shares their respective day’s stories. The living room becomes a place to connect, bond, and have food. Naturally, we would want to decorate the living room with things that make the space feel calming and rejuvenating. Adding a few home decor plants is one of the most efficient ways. Today, let us discuss how you can arrange plants in your living room to get the most beautiful setting. 


As you start looking for living decor plants, you must consider the space in your rooms. You want to create a space that looks aesthetically pleasing and not cluttered. Think about factors such as available floor space, natural light sources, and how your plants will complement the existing decor. Making this initial assessment of your space will help you make informed decisions about how to structure it.


Selecting the right plants is crucial when you’re thinking about designing your indoor garden. Look for plants that complement your home. Opt for plants such as Areca Palm and Syngonium, which give your home a tropical vibe and help clean the indoor air of pollutants. You can also go for subtler choices like the Spider plant, Song of India plant, Golden Bamboo, etc. 


Now that you have chosen your favourite plants, it is time to think about planters. You can select these from various plant home decor options available at Urvann, where you can find your chosen plants, which are already gorgeous planters. You can also do a mix-and-match of planters combined with some DIY options.  Try creating a mix of ceramic planters and jute planters to create a more rustic look. 


While designing an indoor garden, it is essential to create visual balance and symmetry. If you are wondering why, the answer is that arranging plants in varying heights and designs creates a dramatic visual; you can see all the plants in one go. Remember that to achieve symmetry, always arrange your plants in odd-numbered groups, such as 3, 5, 7, or 11. 


Going vertical could be your best option if you have a small living room and want to fill it with greenery. Install decorative hooks and hang plants like the spider plant on them, and watch your space transform with greenery. You can also create a living wall by drilling some shelves into the wall and creating a mesmerising display of hanging plants and plants on the shelves. 


Now that your home garden is in place and your living room is vibing with green, it is time to understand how to maintain our beloved plants. One important thing to do is to rotate your plants every 2- 3 months to prevent them from leaning towards the light source. Doing this simple act will give your plants an upright growth and do wonders for your home garden’s visual balance. Also, for plants such as the Rubber or the Fiddle Leaf Fig, ensure the leaves are regularly dusted and wiped clean of dust so the plants can perform photosynthesis in peace. 


Arranging plants in your living room is a creative and rewarding activity that will make you understand the importance of having greenery around. Along with looking beautiful, having plants in your living areas ensures you have clean and oxygen-rich indoor air so your loved ones can enjoy family time and be healthy.