A Deep Dive into the Old Republic Saber with Neopixel Technology

A Deep Dive into the Old Republic Saber with Neopixel Technology

The legendary Darth Revan, a pivotal figure in the Star Wars universe, wielded a lightsaber that mirrored his duality. With its single crimson blade and imposing emitter shroud, this distinctive weapon has captivated fans for decades. 

With the advent of advanced Neopixel technology, this iconic Old Republic saber can be brought to life with an even greater level of detail and customization.

The Design: A Legacy of Power and Duality

Revan’s lightsaber design reflected his unique path. Revan’s crimson blade symbolized his descent into the dark side, unlike the traditional Jedi blades that emitted a peaceful blue or green glow. 

The hilt, constructed from dark, matte metal, featured a ribbed design and an imposing emitter shroud resembling a Sith mask. This design choice hinted at Revan’s embrace of the Sith philosophy, where power reigned supreme.

Technical Specifications from Lore (Based on Legends materials and artistic interpretations)

  • Blade Length: Approximately 1.3 meters (4.3 feet)
  • Hilt Material: Dark, matte metal (possibly Mandalorian iron or a Sith-crafted alloy)
  • Emitter Shroud: Cylindrical with a ribbed design featuring a stylized Sith mask motif
  • Activation Switch: Hidden beneath the emitter shroud, requiring a specific grip for activation (possibly reflecting Revan’s mastery of the Force)
  • Crystal: A synthetic Sithspawn crystal, tuned to Revan’s dark side connection

The Power of Neopixel: Bringing the Old Republic Saber to Life

Neopixel technology revolutionizes lightsaber replicas. Unlike traditional LED blades, Neopixel blades utilize individually addressable LEDs throughout their length. 

This allows for a staggering array of effects, far exceeding the limitations of a single-color LED.

Revan’s Saber Reborn with Neopixel:

  • Crimson Blade with Variable Intensity: Achieve the perfect shade of crimson with the ability to adjust the intensity for a more menacing or subdued glow.
  • Flickering and Unstable Effects: Replicate the raw power of a Sith blade with flickering effects that evoke Revan’s volatile relationship with the dark side.
  • Clash Effects: Neopixel technology allows for realistic white-hot flashes to enhance the dueling experience when blades collide during simulated lightsaber combat.
  • Custom Sound Fonts: Load sound fonts inspired by the Knights of the Old Republic era, featuring lightsaber ignitions, clashes, and deactivations specific to that period.

The Building or Buying Your Own Revan Neopixel Saber

For the ultimate Star Wars fan, wielding a replica of Revan’s lightsaber equipped with a Neopixel blade is a dream. There are two main options to consider:

  • DIY Saber Construction: Companies offer empty Revan-inspired hilts and Neopixel blade kits for the skilled hobbyist. This approach requires technical knowledge and assembly tools but offers the greatest level of customization.
  • Purchasing a Pre-Built Saber: Numerous reputable lightsaber vendors offer pre-built Revan sabers with Neopixel technology. These sabers are fully functional and ready to use, which is ideal for those who prefer a plug-and-play option.

Safety First: Regardless of how you acquire your Revan Neopixel saber, prioritize safety. Neopixel blades, while visually stunning, are not toys. Always wear protective eyewear during use and only engage in simulated lightsaber combat with a responsible partner.


Owning an Old Republic saber with a Neopixel blade is more than just wielding a replica; it’s a chance to connect with a pivotal character in Star Wars lore. 

With its ability to capture the essence of Revan’s power and complexity, this unique lightsaber becomes a conversation starter and a cherished piece for any Star Wars collection.